During his latest It’s All A Blur Tour concert in Brooklyn, Drake gave attendees an update about his upcoming album, For All The Dogs. He’s been going all-out with the teasers lately, from rocking a Doberman mask while out and about to encouraging the men in the crowd to bark like dogs. But last night at Barclays Center, he gave the most promising teaser yet; during a break between songs, he said the album is coming “in a couple weeks, or some sh*t.”

If he sounds unsure, it might be because he’s totally focused on touring at the moment — or maybe he’s just playing up the loose, off-the-cuff vibe of his current album rollout. He is, after all, one of maybe a dozen artists who could still conceivably get away with a surprise release these days — and an even smaller number of rappers (it goes: Drake, Kendrick, Travis, Cole, maaaaybe Tyler).

Meanwhile, Drake’s been using his tour to take pokes at all kinds of foes, from Anna Wintour, who shut down his and 21 Savage’s joke Vogue covers last year, to Childish Gambino, who admitted that “This Is America” was originally going to be a Drake diss before it evolved into the semi-social commentary it ended up as. Drake’s going to end up in a dog fight at this rate — but maybe that’s just what he needs to keep up his insane release schedule.

Source: uproxx.com