Consider the following information cautiously. We might finally have a hint about the release date of Drake’s upcoming album, ‘For All The Dogs’. Despite previous release dates proving incorrect – a fact we were scolded for by Lil Yachty – fans continue to speculate about Drake’s next move.

This time, the hints are found in Drake’s recent choice of hair accessories. He has been seen wearing braids adorned with brightly colored number barrettes. The numbers zero, nine, and two twos have led fans to interpret ’09/22′ as the potential release date for Drake’s eagerly awaited eighth studio album.

If the album does indeed release on September 22 as fans speculate, this leaves Drake just over two weeks to release a single or reveal the tracklist and features. So far, all we know for certain is that his son Adonis created the cover art and his longtime friend Nicki Minaj will feature on the album. While it seems we may find out if the album is set to release on 9/22 soon enough, fans should perhaps temper their excitement until Drake officially announces the release date.