A co-sign from Drake raises the profile of any rising musician. On the other hand, sports fans tremble when the “Search & Rescue” rapper pours his support behind their favorite teams. However, Drake’s NBA Finals bet win netted the rapper nearly a million dollars as the Denver Nuggets sidestepped the “Drake Curse.”

Yesterday, the team pulled out the Game 5 victory over the Miami Heat with the final score of 94 to 89. The musician took to Instagram to share his bets on the game. He shared two that he placed, both on June 1.

The first bet was that the series would be wrapped up in five games, with the Nuggets winning four games to Miami’s one. That bet cost $250K and would net a total return of $850K. Secondly, he bet $1 million on the Nuggets to win outright. The payout for this bet brought in $1.23 million. So, overall, Drake walked away $830K richer.

The championship is the first ever for the Nuggets, which started as an ABA team back in 1967. So, the win was a huge moment for Denver, but it seemed like star center Nikola Jokic was pretty quickly ready to move on: When he was informed that the team’s championship parade was still a few days away, he seemed genuinely bummed, saying, “No, I have to go home.”

Source: uproxx.com