DRAM Announces New Album ‘What Had Happened Was…’ for Oct. 27

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DRAM will launch a new album, which will be announcing What Happened was…for release on October. 27. The album is scheduled to be released through WAVER Records. The album will be released in 2021. DRAM and Shelley FKA DRAM has released an album with the title self-titled.

The album will include songs “Wham” and the new album “Let Me See Your Phone,” which can be downloaded below.

DRAM recently dropped an emollient “Chocolate Covered Strawberries,” which he explained in the RnB rating in a reference to the production of iconic songs. “I wanted to make a R&B smash inspired by the nostalgia of production that geniuses like Timbaland & Missy Elliot brought to the forefront,” DRAM said. DRAM.


Listen to the brand new track below.

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