dvsn is Joined by Jagged Edge for New Single and Video “What’s Up”

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After getting toxic with their “If I Get Caught” single, dvsn is back with their new single “What’s Up,” featuring Jagged Edge.

The new single brings in the trademark passion and vocals of the R&B duo, teaming with the icons for the single and a video.

The new video picks up where Mal of the Rory and Mal Podcast left off, picking up his phone after a wild string of messages came in.


The video for “What’s Up,” directed by Andy Madeleine, uses a nostalgic, early 2000s-inspired aesthetic to emphasize the song’s theme by focusing on the moments following a breakup.

“When we were playing it for the twins from Jagged Edge,” explains Daniel, “they were so passionate about this song being super special and important for R&B, that they decided to bless us with their vocals and trademark harmonies to complete the emotion.”

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