Dwight Howard Has Eyes Set On Joining WWE

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The TMZ Sportsrecently interviewed Dwight Howard, the 18 year old NBA veteran who is now a free agent after playing for the Lakers during the season. In the course of the interview, Dwight was asked if they were keen to join the WWE . He replied that he would join when the deal was favorable.

“Of course,” Howard replied. When asked if he’d give up wrestling for basketball and wrestling, he said “whatever opportunity is the best.”

This is just a few weeks after WWE legendary Chief Content Officer Triple H commented on Howards future within the company, stating that If the former Laker was interested in joining the WWE then they’d create a plan.


“The ball’s in his court,” Triple H stated. “It’s hilarious, Dwight during the conversations we had , it was”you know I really want achieve this. I’m serious, I truly would like to accomplish this. We hear this often and there’s a big difference between saying, “I want to accomplish this and then putting into the work and work required to achieve that.”

Triple H continued, “[Hewas] at our auditions in Nashville and was extremely entertaining. He was able to jump in promos on his own as well as with other performers and was a lot of fun. I am really motivated to try this, it’s only a matter of choice for him. He’s got variety of activities going on you know? When he says”Hey, I’d like to try this and I’m available, he’s has my number. All he needs to do is dial me and we’ll see what’s going to take place. If he’s willing to work hard and show the passion that people such as Logan Paul, and Bad Bunny and Tyson Fury are willing to give Let’s get going.”

In Julyof this year, Howard appeared as a surprising participant in the WWE practice sessions at Nashville, TN. Howard was apparently the most popular participant due to his engaging promos for groups and solos.

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