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At this point in the NBA Playoffs, many questions still remain. After the Denver Nuggets finished their sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers, who will they play in the Finals? Will LeBron James really retire after his playoff exit? Will the Miami Heat, who are currently up 3-0 against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, complete a sweep of their own? Earl Sweatshirt has a different sort of basketball question on his mind at the moment, though.

Yesterday (May 22), the rapper tweeted, “all I ask is that one of you interviewers in this post season please ask jimmy wtf was on his mind when he did the fake dreds.” He added, “salute to the underdog of sorts but also we can’t just forget and forgive this easily.”

In case you missed it: Last summer, Miami’s Jimmy Butler debuted a new long-haired look, one that was very different from his usual style. He even wore it during Media Day, so his 2022-23 player photo on sites like Basketball-Reference features the hair, even though he didn’t end up sticking with the look for too long.

Earl’s question probably won’t come up any time soon for a couple reasons: It’s not exactly a timely topic anymore, and Butler has already answered it. Back in September, he told reporters, “I’m just messing with stuff to make the internet mad. That was my goal this summer and it worked.”

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