If you’re in the vicinity of Lakewood, Colorado, don’t miss the revamped Casa Bonita by the South Park duo. This is the advice from pop superstar Ed Sheeran, who recently visited the famous eatertainment venue. Despite his self-proclaimed lack of “pizazz” to headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Sheeran certainly has enough influence to gain entry to the invite-only Casa Bonita. This has left many fans hopeful, with some even camping overnight in the parking lot.

Sheeran, known for his hit song “Shape Of You”, recently brought a record crowd to Denver’s Empower Field, which likely boosted his chances of getting into Casa Bonita. The singer has been making a habit of visiting well-known eateries during his Mathematics Tour. He was spotted wearing an apron at Chicago’s The Weiner Circle, a place known for its “hot dogs served with a side of abuse”. However, at Casa Bonita, Sheeran was content to be a spectator, enjoying the cliff divers and fake jail while munching on chips and salsa.

“Casa Bonita is a must when in Colorado,” Sheeran shared on Instagram. Whether he tried the sopapillas remains a mystery. Regardless, his visit would surely make South Park’s Cartman green with envy. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have invested heavily in restoring the once-closed restaurant, turning it into a work of art. Drawing a crowd of over 80,000 fans to a concert certainly helps secure a spot on the weekend agenda to watch the Casa Bonita mariachi band.

Note: Ed Sheeran is signed to Warner Music, while Uproxx operates as an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

Source: uproxx.com