The Electric Zoo Festival in New York City this past weekend did not go as smoothly as expected. The festival’s first day, scheduled for September 1, was cancelled just hours before it was due to start. The festival organizers cited global supply chain disruptions that prevented the completion of the main stage in time for the event.

Day 2 of the festival also encountered some hiccups. The festival doors were opened two hours later than initially planned, at 3pm. Despite the previous day’s delay, the production team worked tirelessly to ensure everything was in place for a great experience.

However, on Day 3, the festival faced another setback. At 6:35 p.m., organizers announced that due to the challenges caused by Friday’s cancellation, the venue had reached its capacity earlier than expected. As a result, no additional attendees were allowed entry for the day.

This news was not well received by some ticketholders. ABC7NY reported that some attendees started forcing their way into the festival, rushing the gates, jumping over and crawling through a security checkpoint, and then running into the festival.

Videos of the ensuing chaos were shared on social media platforms.