Elon Musk’s Twitter activity routinely confounds and he left people scratching their heads again this weekend: On July 15, Musk tweeted an image of Kanye West’s cover art for his 2018 album Ye. Musk provided no additional comments, either in the tweet itself or in any subsequent tweets, just the image.

It’s not clear what Musk meant by this. Maybe it’s a commentary on mental health, given that the art reads, “I hate being Bi-Polar its awesome.” Maybe the music is just what he was listening to at the time. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all.

Whatever the case, Musk and West certainly have a history. As Independent outlines, they first met when Musk gave West a tour of the SpaceX rocket factory in 2011. The two exchanged praise here and there over the following years, but there was a spat in 2022 when Musk banned West from Twitter. West (and Grimes) apparently consulted on Tesla’s reported secret “Project 42,” an all-glass house made for Musk.

Wherever Musk and West stand now, perhaps Musk tweeted out the Ye cover is an indication that their past beef is all water under the bridge. West, meanwhile, might be the inspiration behind a recently released archival Taylor Swift song.

Source: uproxx.com