Emergency Personnel Reportedly Performed Nearly an Hour of CPR on Coolio

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After becoming unresponsive in the bathroom of a friend The EMTs performed 45 minutes of CPR for emergencies to bring back Coolio.

Coolio died on Wednesday in an apartment located in the city of Los Angeles. Coolio entered the bathroom and, after being in there for an extended period, the worried family member found him sitting on the floor.

In the report by The TMZ the EMTs tried to administer CPR for almost an hour before declaring that the rapper dead.


The manager of Coolio said that according to him the rapper was in Los Angeles for business involving his passport. He is currently living within Las Vegas. Coolio was in need of a passport bureau to fix a problem which could hinder his travel to Germany for two shows scheduled this weekend. According to the manager, Coolio suffered an attack of the heart.

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