It looks like Megan Thee Stallion may have an unexpected new ally in her fight against her label, 1501 Certified — the woman ostensibly brought on to “replace” her at the label. Fans are sure that “Buss It” rapper Erica Banks has some beef of her own with 1501 after a new song snippet circulating online finds her criticizing an unnamed label for being “greedy.”

“Give a f*ck about that label they see me,” she snaps in the 30-second clip. “And they owe me some money, they greedy.” Of course, you never know; there could be a third label involved somehow, or Banks could even have issues with Warner Records, where she signed in 2021. Considering that her complaint sounds a lot like Meg’s issue with 1501, though, a lot of the signs are pointing in that direction. And where there’s smoke… etc.

If it is true that Banks is dissing 1501, that would make a couple of things that Meg’s been right about over the past few years after Tory Lanez was convicted of shooting her in 2020. Meg’s long maintained that the terms of her deal with 1501 were unfair; as she has fought the label in court, she later accused its owners of hiding money after she was granted numerous restraining orders against 1501 so she could continue releasing new music.

It could also mean that the collaboration between the two women some fans have been hankering for since the “Buss It” challenge broke the internet could be one step closer.

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