Everything To Know About Lil Baby’s ‘It’s Only Me’ Album

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On Friday 14th October Lil Baby is set to release his third studio album It’s Just Me after a launch campaign that featured the tracks “Right On,” “In A Minute,” “Frozen,” and “Detox.” The Atlanta rapper also revealed the album’s cover picture earlier this month, which includes an illustration of the hip-hop’s popular Mount Rushmore meme in which the faces of all four are owned by Baby himself. This is an appropriate reaction to the summer’s fans’ protests over his inclusion on the album, which included such Atlanta hip-hop icons as Ludacris, Outkast, T.I. and many others. The album contains comprised of 23 tracks and seven songs but the rapper doesn’t have plans to release the album in deluxe format.

Lil Baby kicked off the release of his album”It’s Only Me this spring with the unambiguous tweet “It’s Gone Be A Nastyyyy Summer.” The rapper also wrote his Instagram account Instagram, “This Summer Mine.” Since this time, he has not only released a steady stream of his own songs, but he also performed as an artist featured in songs by the likes of Ed Sheeran (“2Step”), Future (“Like Me”) 42 Dugg (“U-Digg”), Nav (“Never Sleep”), and DJ Khaled (“Staying Alive” with Drake and “Big Time” with Future). He also released the documentary Untrapped The Story of Lil Baby detailing his rise to stardom. He also received the ASCAP songwriting award, as well as an award for humanitarianism of the Black Music Action Coalition, and appears in new commercials in the games Call Of Duty and Beats By Dre.

It’s Only Me is out 10/14 via Quality Control/UMG.

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