The promotional campaign for Doja Cat’s new album, “Scarlet,” has been quite the ride, with the artist intentionally throwing curveballs to weed out casual fans and retain only her most loyal followers. She’s been bucking mainstream expectations by roughing up her polished pop image, shaving her eyebrows, and getting dark tattoos, while also returning to her roots in traditional hip-hop.

While the strategy has received mixed reactions, Doja Cat insists it’s going exactly as she intended. Commercially, it seems to be working too, as the album’s promotion has already given her a second No. 1 single. Despite some minor issues with the album’s cover art and some indecision about its genre, “Scarlet” is almost ready for release.

“Scarlet” will be released on September 22nd through RCA. The album includes 15 tracks, and four singles have already been released: “Attention,” “Paint The Town Red,” “Demons,” and “Balut.”

Doja Cat is also planning a tour for “Scarlet,” which will be her first to include arena dates. The tour begins on Halloween, Doja Cat’s favorite holiday, and will feature fellow artists Doechii and Ice Spice. The tour includes dates across North America.