Ex-NFL Player Says His Girl Cheated With Meek Mill in Viral Video

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Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267 are gaining traction for a resurfacing clip that features former NFL players Tony “The Closer” Robinson recounting his story of how his girlfriend got cheated on by his by cheating on him with Meek Mill.

The clip was posted on the Daily Loud Twitter account the day before Monday (Oct. 9.) and went all over the internet and has seen viewers laughing over Gillie Da Kid’s and Wallo267‘s reaction on Tony Robinson disclosing that Meek Mill has slayed his girlfriend.

The first video is of Gillie and Wall267’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast (episode 61) named “Meek Mill F*cked My B*tch,” which debuted on YouTube in May of 2020. In the show the host is guest Tony “The Closer” Robinson who is an ex- NFL player who has become a real estate expert, speaks about the time he discovered the fact that his partner was having an affair with a person who was not known from Philadelphia.

According Tony Tony, he was apprehensive of the reaction of his girlfriend when the latter asked whether he could borrow her cellphone for a phone call to AT&T to allow them to look over his phone. Later, he was unaware of his wife, he decided to check her phone. “It’s the unwritten rule, man, you don’t go through nobody’s phone,” said he. “‘Cause if you go through that joint you are going to see something you don’t wanna see.”

Then he realized the fact that her girlfriend had been sending naked photos to a person with a phone number that has an Philly zone code but it wasn’t her. After some further research and investigation, he discovered that his girlfriend, now his ex-girlfriend, was in a relationship with none less than Nightmares, Dreams along with Nightmares the creator Meek Mill.

Gillie and Wallo267’s reaction is amazing as the pair have a laugh over Meek picking up another guy’s girl. According to Gillie Wallo267, Meek is the “I’m a Boss” rapper is known for taking off O.P.P.s.

Even with Meek Mill stealing his now ex-girlfriend, Tony harbors no hate for the Philly rhymer.

Through Twitter Tony Retweeted Daily Loud’s video and stated that the issue was to his ex-girlfriend and not his current love interest.

“My old girl not my new one tho,” tweeted the man with many tears of joy emoticons to symbolize his joy over the video’s virality.

A fan said, “This is SAD man,” Tony said, “Ain’t nothing sad girls are hit every day. The only thing I did was keep it at [100] [a person who shrugs emoji]. ][.]”

It’s great to witness Tony Robinson look back at his tragic situation and not feel guilty about it.

Watch Million Dollaz Worth of Game Episode 61: “Meek Mill F*cked My B*tch” Below

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