Fabolous Called Out by Stepdaughter Taina Williams

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Fabolous is getting a lot of flak at the hands of His step-daughter Taina Williams who is claiming that he’s not involved in his daughter’s life.

The day before, Tuesday (Oct. 10.), Loso wished his 2-year-old daughter Journey Happy Birthday in an emotional message on Instagram.

“I named you Journey because that’s really what it’s been,” Fabolous captioned a picture of his little girl. “Might not know when you going thru it, but you’ll get it at the end. I don’t believe you can have faith unless you trust the JOURNEY. You have taught me that so I look at you with understanding & love. Your life assures it will all add up… 10 * 10 * 2020. Happy Bday Journey Jackson.”

The post, it seems, did not go over well the Fabolous his stepdaughter Taina Williams who claimed to have called Fabolous’ stepdaughter Taina Williams the Brooklyn, N.Y. MC out in a comment that has since been deleted.

“This post is hilarious,” Taina wrote , accompanied by tears of laughter emoticons. “‘Might not be aware of it while traversing through this, but it’s going to see it in the end’ is Translation for : I haven’t taken responsibility for my daughter in over a year. Don’t even bother to ask about her due to IDC and Im angry and I’m just the father of two lovely sons whom I am able to manipulate. Don’t play with the internet.”

There’s been rumors being discussed since the beginning of the year about Fabolous along with Emily B, Taina and Journey’s mom, have ended their 20-year romance. They negotiated their way through the charges against Fab for assaulting Emily in the year 2018. Fab and Emily have two sons.

See Fabolous’ Post and Taina’s Reaction Below

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