Rapper Nas, who has been enjoying a successful musical streak thanks to his collaboration with producer Hit-Boy, has left fans speculating about his possible retirement from rap. Their latest work, Magic 2, was released in July and received positive feedback from fans. However, a mysterious video posted on Nas’ official Instagram account has raised questions about the end of their partnership.

The video, posted on September 8, has sparked speculation about Nas’ potential retirement from the rap scene. The short clip transitions from a static-filled screen to the words “The Finale” before fading to black. With no further context provided and Nas’ profile recently cleared, fans were sent into a frenzy, rushing to the comments section for more information.

One fan wrote, “The finale?!? Of this chapter? This book? Don’t play with my life like this, Nasir,” while another exclaimed, “Nas & Hit-Boy Finale. One of the greatest runs in hip-hop history! Bar none. Six albums in four years…”. Another fan pleaded, “Bruh, please do not retire.”

Some fans speculated that the clip might be hinting at the end of Nas’ previous album series rather than his retirement. “It’s the finale to ‘King’s Disease.’ The G.O.A.T. is going to be rapping until he’s carried by six,” one user suggested.

In a 2021 interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden, Nas spoke about his relationship with Hit-Boy, who has played a significant role in his recent musical releases. He praised Hit-Boy for his ability to inspire him and for his dedication despite working with multiple artists.

While the truth remains uncertain, it’s clear that if fans had their way, Nas would continue rapping until he could no longer hold a microphone.

Source: uproxx.com