Details about Nicki Minaj’s forthcoming album, Pink Friday 2, remain scarce. However, the visual elements of the project have been impressive so far. Even Azealia Banks, known for her critical remarks, was impressed by the promotional images for the album’s first single, “Last Time I Saw You.” On September 4, Nicki unveiled the first of two upcoming covers that are likely to continue this trend.

The cover image showcases Nicki in her soft girl era with an Afrofuturistic twist. She is seen wearing a baggy sweatsuit, a chunky heart pendant, and her hair styled in tight curls. The backdrop appears to be a deconstructed pink subway car, with a futuristic New York cityscape shrouded in cotton candy clouds in the distance. In her social media post revealing the cover, Nicki acknowledged the stylists, makeup artists, and fashion label Vetements for their contributions and hinted at another cover reveal in the near future.

As for the album itself, it is known that Nicki hopes to feature a song with Drake. She has already contributed a verse to his upcoming album, For All The Dogs, making it plausible that he might reciprocate. The release date for Pink Friday 2 is set for November 17.