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It’s all well Between Fivio Foreign as well as Mase according to “Big Drip” rapper.

Fivi joined social media to tell the world what his position is with Ma$e. Fivio tweeted “Regardless of what Ma$e and I have done for a long time.. He was one of the first people to believe in the N-GGA .”

The summer was a time when Fivio and Ma$e were involved in an public dispute regarding the agreement Fivio had signed in the early days of his career.

Fivio was featured in The Million Dollaz worth of Gamepodcast just a couple of months ago, and told the audience thatMa$e signed the rapper for $5,000. Ma$e made an appearance on the show following the event and clarified that:

“at one point I offered him $5,000, and later offered him $750,000. Since I made him a target to make the deal so that I could control the deal, I decided to make the deal as it should be, because I knew that when he was in the position of leverage, he’d go to the market and make a deal with me and then sell each of us.” Ma$e said,

“Then when we entered the building I got $800,000 and he got $700,000. The reason that the amount was reduced to $700,000 is that the time I paid him $750,000 and he took $750,000 and he owed me $50,000.”

Ma$e also refers to his self in the form of “Diddy 2.0.” However, Fivio is making it abundantly clear that this is all love, always.