Flo Milli, the Alabama-based rapper, has spoken out against comparisons to other artists and projections of insecurities onto her. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, she expanded on her previous statements where she asked fans to stop pushing a “tired narrative” about her career.

She clarified that the narrative she was referring to was fans labeling her as underrated or bringing up issues of colorism. She also reiterated her plea for people to stop comparing her to other artists, particularly in terms of their appearance. “They want me to be insecure about my skin tone, which is never going to happen,” she stated. “I want people to understand everybody does not hate themselves. I think I’m a bad bitch, and there’s nothing you could say that’s going to make me think otherwise.”

She also asked fans to stop using her name to put down other people. “I want y’all to support me, but don’t try to bring another woman down in the process because that doesn’t make me feel good,” she said.

Her stance is straightforward: “I went from not having anything to being where I’m at. So when you get on the internet and see people like, ‘Oh my God, I feel so bad for her…’ like, I’m not a charity case. If I’m not complaining, I don’t think anybody else should be.”

Flo Milli expressed her annoyance when fans posted tweets comparing her to Ice Spice in a negative way, and equally when other fans questioned, “Where were you guys when she needed y’all the most?” Flo Milli is currently promoting her upcoming third album, Fine Ho, Stay, and it’s clear that she’s doing just fine.

Source: uproxx.com