Flo Milli has fans incredibly excited this week as she unveiled that her next album, Fine Ho, Stay, is on the way. Led by her colorful recent single, “Fruit Loop,” the track sets the tone for the presumed final installment of the rising star’s trilogy.

In 2020, she dropped Ho, Why Is You Here? and then followed it up with You Still Here, Ho? in 2022 — creating a hilarious bit along the way.

During some recent tweets, Flo Milli opened up a little bit about her intentions with the upcoming record, pointing out that “this project is personal.” She was also loving a lot of the support that her followers were having for the brilliant album title.

As one person wrote, “I LOVE HER CAREER AESTHETIC SO BAD!!” and many others in the replies shared a similar thought process.

While Fine Ho, Stay doesn’t have an official release date, there’s a high possibility that fans will be able to hear it in full by the end of the year. And that alone will be worth the wait — whether it’s in a month or a few.

Until then, check out “Fruit Loop” above. Below, find some more fan reactions to Flo Milli’s creatively-titled new album.

Source: uproxx.com