Fox News has finally addressed the viral scandal involving Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert, after initially ignoring it. The controversy arose from reports that Boebert was expelled from a Beetlejuice production due to inappropriate behavior.

John Roberts first discussed the issue while substituting for Bret Baier. The conversation took a predictable turn when Laura Ingraham joined in. Raymond Arroyo set the stage by noting that many other politicians have been caught in similar situations. Ingraham then claimed that the controversial groping video featuring Boebert was only released because she is a Republican.

Ingraham defended her stance, stating, “Raymond, it seems like they get the video out really fast when it’s a Republican, right? There is no hesitation about releasing or dumping video out when it’s some Republican who has done something goofy, stupid, or embarrassing but heaven forbid you have a Democrat doing something, it usually takes forever to get that video out.”

Surprisingly, Arroyo took the argument further by comparing Boebert’s behavior to a popular recording artist who was simply minding her own business. He stated, “Look, I’m an equal opportunity reporter here on this stuff. If we’re going to argue that you need a code of dress and I think you do, you need a code of conduct, too. You are the congresswoman of Colorado, not Megan Thee Stallion. So, slow your roll. Have some self-restraint. It’s going to be a very difficult re-election season for her, I think.”