Freddie Gibbs’ ‘SSS’ Album Has Already Been Met With Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback From Fans

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One of the most talked about hip-hop releases this weekend was Freddie Gibbs‘ new album, Soul Sold Separately. After the release of the album, the album was praised by fans, with many praise his commitment to his art, in addition to his ability to create solid, conceptually-based bodies of work throughout his extensive career.

“I appreciate Freddie Gibbs at least having a theme with his project,” said one user on Twitter. “Most of these projects that are released these days sound like a bunch of tracks that were randomly recorded and slapped together.”

“Freddie Gibbs’ new album is scary good,” Anthony D’Aliesio, host of the hip-hop-focused NFR podcast.

“Freddie Gibbs is unable to miss for some reason,” according to another user on Twitter. “I’ve been onto his music for 10 years since BFK and hasn’t had a project that wasn’t pure flames since.”

Soul Sold Separately is Gibbs the first major label album after more than two decades of self-released mixtapes and albums. in an interview to the newspaper, Gibbs said that he’s lasted in the rap world for so long due to his consistent style.

“I think I get better every project,” Gibbs stated. “I believe that being constant is more beneficial than achieving peak performance. A lot of people have peaked and are trying to reach that level. In the music industry, musicians want to make big records and hits. It’s not necessary to achieve that in order to be considered a ‘good. I’ve always recorded music to please my fans and my core audience in hopes that it would expand. When it did I thought I could be able to leave the streets. When I did be free and stop making music, how should I think about the fact that I did? What would make me throw it out trying to make it commercial? This may be my most commercial album , but I didn’t set out to be commercial.”

Soul Sold Separately is out now via Warner Records. Listen to it here..

Freddie Gibbs is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an autonomous company of the Warner Music Group.

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Uproxx Freddie Gibbs’ ‘SSS’ Album Has Already Been Met With Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback From Fans Top HipHop

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