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Fredo Bang is shooting his shot at GloRilla and he doesn’t care who sees.

On Wednesday (March 29), Fredo Bang went on Twitter and raised a raunchy reflection about the Memphis rapper.

“I Wonder How @GloTheofficial Taste…” he posted.

The Baton Rouge, La. rapper lusting over the “Tomorrow 2” rapper didn’t stop there. Fredo entered the comment section of a recent GloRilla Instagram Live and tried to get Glo’s attention with multiple comments.

“Lick your lips again I like dat sh*t,” he posted while GloRilla was conversing with fans.

“I’ll be crazy bout u,” he added in a follow-up post. “I’ll never hold you [back].”

It is unclear if Glo saw Fredo‘s three-point attempts.

This isn’t the first time a rapper has publicly tried to woo GloRilla on social media. Last October, Kodak Black flirted with GloRilla on Instagram. Yak tried the same ploy of falling into GloRilla’s comment section on IG Live.

“You prolly aint my girl today but that’s why I love tomorrow,” Kodak commented along with a smiling face with sunglasses emoji. The South Florida rapper’s pickup line is a reference to the chorus of Glo’s singles “Tomorrow” and “Tomorrow 2″ featuring Cardi B where Glo raps, “Every day the sun won’t shine, but that’s why I love tomorrows.”

Earlier this week, GloRilla made headlines when she reacted to being name-dropped in a different way. On the new Money Man song “Saweetie,” he mentions Glo in a way that the CMG rapper did not particularly appreciate.

See Fredo Bang Shooting His Shot at GloRilla Below

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