If you’re a parent, odds are you’ve been unexpectedly forced to play referee to your kids’ debates and apparently, that doesn’t change if you’re a famous rapper. French Montana was recently pulled into mediating one of Twitter’s hottest discourses at dinner with his sons after one of his friends who was with them insisted “Latto is better than Ice Spice.” French, who was just trying to get a cute video congratulating his recently graduated son, was surprised into having to pick a side — and promptly sidestepped a potentially sticky situation (he might want to collaborate with either or both one day, after all).

“Nah, never,” he says in the video. “They both equal.” The boys then playfully flirted with the rappers on camera, joking, “Hit my phone!” and “Get Latto to hit me up!”

The two rappers have been pitted against each other frequently on Twitter, mainly as a result of Latto’s recent disagreement with Nicki Minaj. When Nicki collaborated with Ice Spice on her remix of “Princess Diana,” the Barbz took it as an opportunity to use Ice Spice as a proxy in their everlasting intifada against anyone who would dare speak ill of their Queen. When Latto apparently lashed out at Nicki in her song “Put In On Da Floor,” they took pains to stretch as many of those lyrics as they could to encompass Ice Spice as well. (For what it’s worth, Ice Spice is a bit of a lightning rod for comparison these days in general.)

However, neither rapper has ever displayed any public indication of a disagreement, and while the Barbz love to compare them, they’re both in completely separate portions of their respective careers (Ice Spice has yet to drop her debut album; Latto is promoting album number three). The obvious solution is for everybody involved to join in on Coi Leray’s idea of a “Ladies’ Night” remake, showing solidarity instead of fanning the flames. It’s unlikely, but hey, stranger things have happened.

Source: uproxx.com