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In a interview on the cover of Billboard, Future admitted that while marriage and the “rock star lifestyle don’t gel,” one of his desires is to be married.

“If I was marriedand in my home with my children I’m sure it was a different world. This is a life I haven’t had,” Future told the magazine. “It’s something you imagine. It’s one of my goals. It’s simple for others however for me it’s like rock star lifestyle does not work well for me.”

He said, “Even creating music, I’m sure I’m not getting something if I don’t create music in a specific kind of way. I truly dedicated my whole existence to my supporters. I have dedicated my whole existence to music. Everything I cherish all the things I’ve gotten I put into music. The final outcome has yet to be determined until this day.”

The father of eight who is 38 stated that there is room for him to build an enviable career and an enduring marriage. However, he’s not yet ready, as it is his fear that he will likely pick the wrong woman.

“I feel like I can have both,” the “WAIT FOR U” hitmaker declared. “When the right moment comes around and it’s right, it’ll occur. This isn’t something I’m actually chasing. But I do think about it and really want it. I’m sure I’d pick the wrong woman and/or something else, but I were simply chasing it. You don’t know the exact things can happen in relationships, as well as love and getting married and living in the same house as your children and having children who aren’t in your home.”

Future added, “That’s just a whole different lifestyle I’ve never even had the chance to experience. However, I know that this is something I’d like, and when the opportunity arises that day, I’ll be ready. I’m determined to ensure I live my life to the maximum. But I’m not really thinking about it, other than having a wife or s**t. However, I do want to have a wife. Everyone around me wants me to have a wife . More than I would like a wife.”

Future was recently selected for the four Grammy Awards. His most recent album I NEVER LIKE YOU was nominated for the award of The Best Rap Album. He is also nominated for Best Rap Album. Atlanta artist is scheduled to perform at in 2023’s Rolling Loud festival next year in Los Angeles, California alongside Lil Wayne, Travis Scott and Playboi Carti.