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Gabrielle Union says though she and her family have created an environment that is safe for their daughter Zaya Wade. However, Zaya still has to struggle every single day.

Gab Union is preparing to play a role in a film named ‘ The Inspection.’ In the film she is a mother of an openly gay son. He is drafted into The Marines and fights to be successful within a system that was not made specifically for the individual.

Gab talks about the film in the course of a recently conducted interview. Gab explains that “as mother, I’m just trying to be a part of healing children. I was always looking to serve as a mother , but that was not my role and it was difficult to distinguish my role as a mother from my role as producer, and my role as an actor since I wanted to be with the child. I desired to do everything like most mothers would want. But I had work to complete and I needed to concentrate on the task in the moment.”

The actress is the mother of 4 children along together with NBA athlete Dwyane Wade. Zaire, 20, Zaya, 15, Xavier 8, and Kaavia James, 4. Kaavia James, 4, and Zaya. Wades have been active in their support of their daughter/sister Zaya as she goes through her transformation journey. Gab as well as Dwyane have been extremely active in their support of the LBGTQas well as the community. In their comments about the film Gab says she wants to create an inclusive space for Zaya.

“Zaya’s still a kid in this world . We try to provide a loving, safe bubble at home, at school, and in our extended family, but she’s an individual of a different gender within this country and in the world, and she must struggle each day to be noticed as appreciated, to be loved and to be regarded as being worthy. I’m grateful that the fans can are able to see a small glimpse of the love that is there but remember that it’s a fight and she’s not exactly like Elegance in terms of the desire for loved ones to be able to see them and be able to love them and unconditionally.”

Have a look at the trailer for “The Inspection below.