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Spotify has launched its annual “Artist To Watch” campaign, highlighting the artists that will make a splash in 2023.

First off, Spotify’s playlist for the upcoming hip-hop voices, Most Necessary, is revealing the list of up-and-coming artists that are poised to have an impact on hip-hop culture and leave their stamp on the music business.

The Most Necessary playlist is a subset of RapCaviar, the largest and most popular hip-hop playlist in the world and one of Spotify’s flagship playlists. If you have yet to tune into the elite playlist, it is one of the best sources for the singles and artists that you should have your ears focused on. Go grab that here.


Included in the 2023 Most Necessary Artist to Watch are:


GloRilla Artists to Watch Social Asset


Finesse2Tymes Artists to Watch Social Asset

SleazyWorld Go

SleazyWorld Go Artists to Watch Social Asset

Central Cee

Central Cee Artists to Watch Social Asset

Destroy Lonely

Destroy Lonely Artists to Watch Social Asset

Ice Spice

Ice Spice Artists to Watch Social Asset

Babyface Ray

Babyface Ray Artists to Watch Social Asset

Saucy Santana

Saucy Santana Artists to Watch Social Asset


2Rare Artists to Watch Social Asset

Real Boston Richey

Real Boston Richey Artists to Watch Social Asset

You can hear all these stars and more on the Most Necessary playlist available here.

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The Source GloRilla, Babyface Ray, Ice Spice, Central Cee, & More Named to Spotify’s Most Necessary 2023 Hip-Hop Artists to Watch Top HipHop