Rapper GloRilla is known for her candidness on social media, often sharing personal anecdotes and opinions. Recently, she stirred up controversy with some unconventional advice for women in their 20s.

On August 21, GloRilla used her Instagram Story to share her thoughts with her female fans. In a video clip shared by 2Cool2Blog, she greeted her followers before delving into her advice. She encouraged women to embrace their “toxic” behaviors during their 20s, arguing that they should experience these behaviors while they’re young and can recover from them.

GloRilla’s exact words were, “I just wanna let you know: be toxic for the rest of your 20s. You only get one life. Live your toxic 20s. You never get to be 20 years old, 21, 22, 23, 24, none of that ever again in your life. Be toxic because don’t get in your 30s thinking you can just go slashing tires and doing all this crazy sh*t. You’re too old for that now. You are too mature, be toxic for the rest of your 20s.”

The rapper’s advice sparked mixed reactions online. One fan expressed surprise that someone in GloRilla’s position would advocate for such behavior.

However, GloRilla defended her stance, suggesting that making irrational decisions earlier in life could help women learn to manage their emotions better later on when the consequences might be more severe.

Source: uproxx.com