GloRilla raps are tailored for the ladies. From “Lick Or Sum” to her biggest single “Tomorrow 2,” the Memphis native is take pride in lyrically empowering her women supporters regardless of the topic. However, that hasn’t stopped men from gravitating toward the Grammy Award nominated entertainer.

During a sit down with Rolling Stone, GloRilla revealed why men like her music and it has everything to do with one distinctive feature — her voice. The “Internet Trolls” rapper’s deep vocal octave has been a topic of conversation across social media. however, according to GloRilla regardless of the naysayers post online it has worked out to her benefit.

“I know a lot of dudes, they won’t ride around listening to no girl that sounds like a girl because they are going to be like, ‘Oh, I’m being p*ssy. But they hear me, and now [they say], ‘She slick sound like one of us,’” said GloRilla.

Her voice isn’t the only thing that has peaked men’s interest in her catalog. The recording artist continued by adding that her cocky attitude is also attractive to them, saying, “I say sh*t that’s for females, but it’s stuff that n****s can say in reverse. I actually like going through shit sometimes because it makes me perfect my craft.”