GloRilla Reveals Her Real Name is Gloria Hallelujah

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GloRilla is astonished the world with her latest revelation. She has revealed that she is a Memphis rapper has revealed the real name of her is Gloria Hallelujah.

This past the weekend (Oct. 8.), GloRilla was on Twitter and revealed that the middle of her name was actually Hallelujah. There are users on the social network who recently found out.

“& why y’all acting like Ian been told y’all my middle name hallelujah? Dats why I’m so blessed & my pussy so good duhhhhhh !!!! Common damn sense,” Glo tweeted.

“Gloria…HALLELUJAH?! I knew she was a prophet lol,” a fan replied praising her holy name.

GloRilla replied, “Exactly!! I will be announcing my message to the people.”

As per GloRilla‘s Wiki page her real identity has been changed to Gloria Hallelujah Woods.

Many are stunned at the fact that GloRilla‘s family members chose to name the singer Gloria Hallelujah.

“Glo rilla real name being glory hallelujah is fucking my head up rn,” said one person on Twitter.

One fan wrote “I was today years old when I learned her full name was ‘Glo Hallelujah Rilla’ but more of a reason why she da [goat emoji].”

Another user wrote, Glo rilla middle name which is ‘hallelujah’, is the most hilarious thing ever [emoji of a loudly crying face. “I love people of color.”

GloRilla is currently the most popular track on the market with “Tomorrow 2” featuring Cardi B. The rap star was awarded the title of best breakthrough artist in the 2022 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Glorilla will also release her brand new album, Howevers, Life’s Good… on November. 11 through CMG Records and Interscope Records.

Watch GloRilla and Cardi B’s “Tomorrow 2” Music Video Below

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