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GloRilla‘s bodyguard has claimed he was given the axe after failing to defend the rapper after a water-throwing incident at an Oakland club earlier this month.

The bodyguard shared his thoughts on the whole ordeal in a video that surfaced on social media earlier this week. In the clip, he revealed Big Glo wanted him to retaliate against the woman who violated her, and because he didn’t, she fired him.

“So all that extra shit, I don’t want to hear none of that shit. I got her out of there safe,” the bodyguard said in the video. “She making videos ain’t she? She talking to y’all can’t she? ‘Cause she talked to me. You alive we got out that muthafucker. I did my job, it’s complete.”

He went on to say his duties do not require him to go and attack someone in that manner. Since the woman threw the water at an angle that wasn’t directly at Glo, the bodyguard didn’t have to address it.

He made a point to say if the woman was right in front of GloRilla and tossed the drink then he would’ve absolutely handled the situation how she wanted. Otherwise, he would’ve had an assault case on his hands, which could’ve led to him losing his license.

Footage of the incident circulated online and showed Big Glo being escorted by her bodyguard and team as the woman threw a drink at her and began cursing at the rapper.

Once the water was thrown in her direction, the Memphis native saw the woman and pointed her out as security moved her to safety. A woman on Glo’s side started arguing with the angry fan after the rapper kept pointing her out, and those two almost came to blows before security intervened.

“Fuck you bitch, weak ass bitch,” the fan yells in the video before she spits in GloRilla’s direction.

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Concertgoers grew upset after GloRilla didn’t perform as promoted by the venue. The rapper addressed the incident on Twitter and shut down reports that she got spat on, while also suggesting she was paid to host the club night, not perform.

“Ain’t no ho spit on shit !!!!! Ask dat ho how ha face feel doe,” she tweeted. “No way you think I’m performing when you paid for a hosting crazy tail self.”

GloRilla’s CMG label boss, Yo Gotti, also took to social media to defend his artist, refuting the promoter’s claim that the $30,000 fee was for a performance.

“30k to perform [crying face emojis] U must booked lil Glo NOT Big Glo #CMG,” he wrote in an Instagram comment.

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