Governor of California Signs Ten Cannabis Bills Into Law

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On the 18th of September 2022 California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law 10 cannabis-related bills to the legislature in a complete revision of California’s laws on cannabis.

One of the most popular is SB 1326, which will permit interstate commerce between California as well as other states which have legalized cultivation, production, and distribution. SB 1326’s creator senator Anna Caballero, stated that the statute “provides a relief valve for the oversupply of cannabis, an opportunity to grow California’s brand and market share, support job creation, and gives the state a competitive advantage as federal policy develops” and is “an essential step to ensure that California can fully capitalize on, and remain a leader in, the forthcoming national cannabis market.” But, as the cultivation and sales of cannabis is currently prohibited under federal law and SB 1326 specifically relates towards interstate commerce that involves cannabis, this law will probably never be implemented until after cannabis is decriminalized by the federal government.

Other bills that were signed into law by Governor Newsom will also enhance the cannabis laws of the state and increase the supply of cannabis-related products. For instance:


AB 2188 is a law that makes it unlawful to discriminate against someone on the job basis on the basis of off-duty, cannabis usage off-site, and prohibits the employment-based THC test, but with a few exceptions for federal employees as well as those in the building as well as construction industry.

SB 1186: Regulations prohibiting the use of medicinal cannabis which prevent the distribution medical cannabis cannabis patients

Ab 1706: Sealing court records for cannabis eligible convictions and arrests

AB 1885: Restricting standard of production for cannabis that is intended for therapeutic animal applications also prohibiting discipline by agency for veterinarians who advocate cannabis use in animals.

The AB 1894 law requires the packaging of cannabis cartridges as well as integrated cannabis vapourizers to prominently display the message that they need to be removed as hazardous waste

AB 2568: Ensuring that it is not unlawful to provide insurance to people who are licensed to conduct commercial production and sales of cannabis.

California has been the leader in enacting policies and laws designed to fully integrate the legalization of cannabis, and to permit it to generate economic benefits for the state. It is expected the other states who have or will soon be able to legalize cannabis will take a cue from California’s model.

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