After much speculation about the future of The Weeknd’s contentious HBO series, The Idol, it was officially confirmed on August 28 that the show would not be returning for a second season. This news disappointed Grimes, a fan of The Idol, who expressed her feelings on social media platform X (previously known as Twitter).

In a string of posts, Grimes shared her thoughts on the show, what she hoped to see in its future, and other observations. She wrote:

“I’m probably crazy but I really loved The Idol. It felt like they didn’t get the chance to fully develop it but it reminded me of Perfect Blue meets Basic Instinct. I wish they could have had another season to delve deeper into the Machiavellian femme fatale arc with Depp.

When I watched Perfect Blue, my main thought was that it would have been better if she was the villain. I had the feeling The Idol was heading in that direction but it seemed like they ran out of time. The music was surprisingly good too – I wasn’t expecting that.

I enjoyed the exaggerated dialogue – it felt like a tribute to many things I miss and it also reminded me of anime, similar to how Brit Marling’s The OA has an anime vibe. If you imagine it animated, it really works – though Depp is utterly captivating on screen, I wouldn’t change the casting.

Nina McNeely’s choreography is also incredibly good, especially Depp’s solo towards the end of the season. Jennie did such a great job with those dance sequences too – it was mimicking something more basic but actually really elevated and beautiful.

I wanted to see more of the red-haired journalist arc. It had its flaws but I’m so tired of everything being perfect. I loved the messiness, the humanity, and the self-indulgence. You could tell everyone enjoyed filming it. I support The Idol haha, I don’t know.”

Grimes’ posts can be found below.