Following Gucci Mane‘s hilarious “Woppenheimer” release, he has fans extremely excited after he sent out a specific request for them this evening.

“Let’s keep it going #Brrrbie next I need my fans to help me with cover art y’all tag me so I can use best cover,” he tweeted, noting that he’s dropping inspired tracks based on the internet’s buzziest double movie feature. (He used a fan’s design for the “Woppenheimer” cover too.)

And in the hours since this post, his fans have delivered some extremely Barbie-fied (but make it Brrr) ideas.

One edited a photo of Gucci Mane in front of Barbie‘s dreamhouse from the recent movie — surrounded by a bunch of hundred dollar bills. They also added a pink filter over his face purely to fit the vibes.

Another user took the route of turning Gucci Mane into a doll avatar, with Brrrbie written above in the typical brand’s font.

Some other hilarious ideas that fans have provided include throwing in a cutout of Margot Robbie standing behind Gucci (and there’s explosions), an album cover with the rapper driving a pink car, and many many more.

While it’s unclear which one he is going to choose, you can continue scrolling for some additional ideas to Gucci Mane’s Brrrbie tweet.

Gucci Mane is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.