Last week, graphic designer @kyaxcheeks made a very funny meme. On July 21 (the day Oppenheimer and Barbie made their theatrical debuts in the US), she tweeted, “If it was ’09, I know @gucci1017 would’ve dropped the tape today. #Oppenheimer.” The tweet included fake cover art for a Gucci Mane single called “Woppenheimer,” a song that had not been publicly announced at the time. The meme got a lot of attention, including from Gucci himself: Today (July 28), the rapper actually shared a new song called “Woppenheimer” and even used @kyaxcheeks’ mock-up as the single’s cover art.

The final art only had minor tweaks from @kyaxcheeks’ original, like with colors and font choices. The designer revealed she had a positive experience working with Gucci and his team, tweeting, “Shoutout to gucci and his team for taking a chance on me. They have been super dope to me and I’m very appreciative!”

On the track, Gucci reflects on his journey and gives some shout-outs to special people in his life: “Shout out to my wife, she had a daughter and a son for me / Shout out to my brother, down bad, he made that bond for me.”

Gucci also dropped a video for the song today, so check it out above.

Gucci Mane is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.