As summer winds down in the US, music festival season continues to heat up across the globe. For those with the resources to travel, heading to warmer climates when it’s cooling down at home is a major draw. And in the US, the summer festival season is far from over, with events like Burning Man, Imagine Music Festival, Borderland Music & Arts Music, Life Is Beautiful, Hulaween, Portola Festival, Joshua Tree Festival, Tomorrowland Brazil, Groove Cruise and more still to come.

To help festival-goers prepare for the upcoming events, we turned to Bunny Zingler, the Queen of Rolling Loud. Known for her unique style that blends music, fashion and beauty, Zingler recently showcased her exclusive Forever 21 collection at the most influential hip-hop music festival in history. The collection, which bridges the gap between fashion and festival culture, draws inspiration from the 90s and Miami’s vibrant nightlife scene and culture.

Zingler shared her tips on how to prepare for a festival and pack appropriately, while also highlighting some personalized looks from her latest Forever 21 collection.

Part I – How To Prep

Zingler recommends scheduling beauty treatments that require more time and healing at least two weeks before the festival. This includes facials, teeth cleaning, hair removal processes, botox and hair root touch-ups. This is also the time to plan outfits and start packing gradually.

In addition to these treatments, Zingler emphasizes the importance of working out to feel stronger and maintaining a healthy diet to fuel the body. She also suggests taking care of last-minute errands and chores to ensure everything at home is in order before leaving for the festival.

Part II – Packing Essentials

Zingler’s packing essentials include electrolyte packets for hydration, sunscreen for skin protection, setting spray for long-lasting makeup, comfortable shoes for safety and comfort, sunglasses for eye protection and style, and hair bands for convenience.

Part III – Festival Fashion Fits

Zingler also shared some of her favorite festival looks from her Forever 21 collection. These include a VIP Arrival look featuring a varsity letterman jacket, a rhinestone butterfly halter top, a belted satin micro mini skirt and metallic cowboy boots. For a mid-day glow, she suggests a graphic tube top, frayed pleated mini skirt, rimless drip lens sunglasses and lace-up lug-sole sneakers. For a late-night rager look, she recommends a graphic tube top, twill wide-leg cargo overalls, a metallic cowboy hat and lace-up lug-sole combat boots.