Gunna Makes Surprise Cameo In Latest Episode Of ‘Atlanta’

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Gunna was a guest actor in the most recent season in the series Atlanta and appeared in a dialogue scene with Paper Boi played by Brian Tyreee Henry.

The episode that aired on the night of Thursday (September 29) and shows the two rappers playing the game of Uno in which Gunna appears to lose. When Paper Boi hits the “wild” card, calling the color yellow and his “Drip Too Hard” rapper accuses him of cheating.

“You know I ain’t got no more yellow cards,” Alfred sneers. After Alfred clarifies the reason behind the color choice in the first place, he throws two “draw four” cards, after which Gunna presses the cards out.

Then, Earn (played by Childish Gambino) is on the scene with him along with the Aunt of Paper Boi Jeanie who is the one to kick all the students out.

The filming took place in Studio 9000, the “A Room” in Atlanta’s famed Patchwork Studios. An insider tells HipHopDX that the taping occurred in the middle of last year around this time.

The legal team for Gunna began a new campaign in the last week, to get Gunna’s release from Fulton County Jail, where Gunna is currently detained rigorous prison terms since arrest in connection with the YSL RICO indictment.

In the words of the Billboard Gunna’s legal team, which is headed by famous attorney Steve Sadow, made a application on behalf of Georgia this the morning of Monday (September 26) for the judge to let their client go following allegations that prosecutors not been able to “show a shred of evidence” that Gunna (real name Sergio Kitchens) would threaten and intimidate witnesses if returned to freedom. This is the most important reason to deny his bond in the past.

“Franz Kafka would be shocked to learn that ‘imprison him now; present the evidence sometime in the future’ appears to be the State’s reality in Fulton County,” Sadow told the court. “The defense has been given plenty of time to prepare evidence in support of its request to be detained Kitchens. The motion hasn’t been successful.”

Gunna Pens Letter To Fans From Behind Bars Amid YSL RICO Case: ‘I Am Innocent’

Should you are the Fulton County judge denies Sadow’s third bond application and the WUNNArapper will be in jail until trial starts in January 2023.

Gunna isn’t the only Hip Hop artist to contribute to the final season of Atlanta the show, which started on September 15. The writers enlisted Earl Sweatshirt to aid in an well-coded and clever Doom tribute that was incorporated to the opener of the series.

The show featured Paper Boi going on a search for clues after he discovered an unanswered question in the lyrics of the local musician Blue Blood, just days after finding out about his passing. After exploring the clues left by Blue Blood’s fictional character during the course of an Atlanta journey, Paper Boi finds himself attending the funeral of Blue Blood.

Through the whole episode Blue Blood’s music was featured prominently. Pitchfork confirmed that the voice that viewers heard during the program is the voice from Earl Sweatshirt — himself a Super MF DOOM fan.

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