Drake’s highly anticipated eighth studio album, “For All The Dogs”, is set to release soon, although the exact date remains a mystery. The Toronto rapper has been hinting at its release throughout the year, starting with his Apollo Theater show in New York in January. However, he has yet to disclose many details about the album. During his ongoing tour with 21 Savage, “It’s All A Blur”, Drake reassured fans that they wouldn’t have to wait much longer for the album, attributing the delay to the tour and promising it would be worth the wait.

Rumors circulated online that the album would drop on New Music Friday, August 25. However, Drake dismissed these rumors during a concert, stating that he had never confirmed such a release date. Lil Yachty, who is rumored to have a production credit on the album, also took to Twitter and TikTok to mock fans for believing the speculation, reminding them not to believe everything they read on the internet.

The rumor seems to have originated from a supposed tweet from Amazon Music, which was either deleted or never existed in the first place. This incident has further highlighted the unreliability of social media platforms.

In conclusion, fans should wait for an official announcement from Drake himself regarding the album’s release. As Lil Yachty advised, it’s important to take online information with a grain of salt, especially on social media platforms that are often riddled with misinformation from scammers and bots.

Source: uproxx.com