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While Succession has come to a final series close, HBO is starting a new one up to replace the Sunday night slot with the controversial series, The Idol. Ahead of the show’s June 4 premiere on the streaming service, there is also a new trailer to (hopefully) build some hype for it.

The show features Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and Lily-Rose Depp playing a boyfriend and a fictional pop star named Jocelyn.

“You’re the American dream,” Tesfaye says in the clip. “Rags to riches. Trailers to mansions. You are f*cking Jocelyn. Just be you.”

“Easy,” she responds. “I’ll just do that.”

The latest teaser then features scenes of her being critiqued about the backup dancers, recording in the studio, and hinting at some of the wild explicit scenes with Tesfaye. Just a few months ago, a Rolling Stone article alleged that the showrunner, Euphoria‘s Sam Levinson, had created some rough working conditions.

Then, after The Idol held its official premiere, it debuted with a 20% score on Rotten Tomatoes that later fell to the single digits. It now sits at 27%, but still. Variety also described it as a show that “seems calculated to fool audiences into thinking they’re observing how Hollywood operates, when so much of it amounts to tawdry clichés lifted from Sidney Sheldon novels and softcore porn.”

Check out the new trailer for HBO’s The Idol above.

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Uproxx HBO’s ‘The Idol’ Has Another New Trailer With Even More Wild Scenes Featuring The Weeknd And Lily-Rose Depp Top HipHop