Lil Baby’s It’s Only Us Tour may have been curtailed by recent events and lost one of its biggest openers, but as they say, the show must go on. The remaining stops on the tour are getting 30 tracks from across Baby’s discography, from fan-favorites like “My Dawg” and “Emotionally Scarred” to some of Lil Baby’s features like his verses from Drake’s “Girls Like Girls” and “Wants And Needs.”

Before launching this tour, Lil Baby released his third studio album, It’s Only Me, which was also his third No. 1 album, with 216,000 album-equivalent units in its first week. According to, three songs from his It’s Only Us setlist come from his most recent album: “California Breeze,” “Heyy,” and “In A Minute.” Meanwhile, the album that gets the most exposure during his set is 2020’s My Turn, with six tracks, while 14 tracks overall are from single releases or features. You can see the full setlist below.

1. “Never Hating”
2. “Stand On It”
3. “In A Minute”
4. “Real Spill””
5. “My Dawg”
6. “Southside”
7. “Baby”
8. “Never Needed No Help”
9. “Pure Cocaine”
10. “Frozen”
11. “For The Night”
12. “Sum 2 Prove”
13. “Emotionally Scarred”
14. “Forever”
15. “On Me”
16. “All In”
17. “Wants And Needs”
18. “All Of A Sudden”
20. “Woah”
21. “Low Down”
22. “Yes Indeed”
23. “We Paid”
24. “Heyy”
25. “Drip Too Hard”
26. “Waterfall Flow”
27. “Close Friends”
28. “Girls Want Girls”
29. “California Breeze”
30. “Freestyle”