D4vd continues his North American ‘Petals To Thorns Tour’, and is also opening for some of SZA’s ‘SOS Tour’ shows. His last performance with SZA is scheduled for October 29, after which he will head to Asia for concerts in Japan, South Korea, and other countries. Given his global popularity and rising stardom, fans may be curious about the songs they should familiarize themselves with.

The majority of the songs performed so far are from D4vd’s ‘Petals To Thorns’ album, which was released in May. These include “Sleep Well” and “The Bridge”. He has also been incorporating selections from his recent EP, ‘The Lost Petals’, such as “Notes From A Wrist”.

In addition to his performances with SZA, D4vd has added more songs like “Rehab”, “Backstreet Girl”, “Placebo Effect”, and others to his setlist, especially for those attending his shows outside of the ‘SOS Tour’.

For a comprehensive list of his upcoming tour dates through February 2024, along with ticket information, visit his official website.

Scroll down to see D4vd’s most recent setlist, as reported by setlist.fm, from his opening act for SZA in Nashville over the weekend.

1. “Worthless”

2. “Notes From A Wrist”

3. “Sleep Well”

4. “Take Me To The Sun”

5. “Here With Me”

6. “Poetic Vulgarity”

7. “The Bridge”

8. “Romantic Homicide”

Source: uproxx.com