Hip-Hop Artists Who Embrace Being Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual

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There’s been a long-standing stigma attached regarding gayness in hip-hop. Certain artists have been shattered in their careers due to rumors suggesting they were linked to one of the same sexes. A new generation of hip-hop lovers emerge and the artists live in their true selves regarding what they are sexually inclined, music industry is becoming more accepting than ever before.

One of the best instances of hip-hop’s development in terms of LGBTQand acceptability includes Lil Nas X. The Georgia-born rapper had one of the most famous songs in the world when he released it on the day that ended Pride Month in June of 2019.. Since since then this “Old Town Road” rhymer continues to fly the flag for rappers within the queer community and help to push the cause further to the forefront.

Young M.A has been forthright about her sexuality from the beginning, speaking openly about her sexual choices often within her songs. She’s even taken it to the highest level with her decision to released an assortment of sex toys, called”Play NYCe,” which will be released for 2020.

In 2017 when coming gay in hip-hop was still to be a taboo subject, iLoveMakonnen proclaimed that he is an openly gay man via the social media platforms of Twitter in addition to Instagram. “As a fashion icon, I can’t tell u about everybody else’s closet, I can only tell u about mine, and it’s time I’ve come out. And since y’all love breaking news, here’s some old news to break, I’m gay. And now I’ve told u about my life,maybe u can go [live] yours,” said the rapper on Twitter.

With the number of rappers, artists and producers of hip-hop coming out of their social media and being accepted instead of being rebuked at the hands of their peer group, it’s like that the genre is finally getting over its stigma. Here’s an overview of hip-hop artists who accept being gay, lesbian , or bisexual.

See Hip-Hop Artists Who Embrace Being Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual

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