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Prolific hip-hop producer Hit-Boy is gearing up to drop his first-ever rap album. Today (March 17), he took to social media to share the cover art for his upcoming album, Surf Or Drown, which is set to arrive next week.

He revealed the album news yesterday during an interview with Home Grown Media Group.

“I’m literally dropping a whole album next week with me rapping,” he said. “I got features on it. It’s produced by me and a couple of the homies did some little pieces, but it’s a real good body of just what I’m on right now … It’s gonna be like 11 joints.”

The tracklist, which was revealed by Apple Music, boasts collaborations with Nas, Dom Kennedy, The Alchemist, Curren$y and more. Additionally, instrumental versions of the songs will also be included on the album.

You can see the cover art and tracklist below.

hitboy album cover
Surf Club

1. “Big Hit (Intro) [Live]”
2. “The Tide” Feat. Nas
3. “State Champ” Feat. Dom Kennedy and Jay 305
4. “CORSA” feat. Dom Kennedy
5. “Tony Fantana III” Feat. Curren$y
6. “Just Ask” Feat. Spank Nitti
7. “NU.WAV” Feat. Devin Morrison
8. “Slipping Into Darkness” Feat. The Alchemist
9. “2 Certified” Feat. Avelino
10. “MTR” feat. James Fauntleroy & C3
11. “Composure, Pt. 2”
12. “The Tide (Instrumental)”
13. “State Champ (Instrumental)”
14. “CORSA (Instrumental)”
15. “Tony Fontana III (Instrumental)”
16. “Just Ask (Instrumental)”
17. “NU.WAV (Instrumental)”
18. “Slipping Into Darkness (Instrumental)
19. “2 Certified (Instrumental)”
20. “MTR (Instrumental)”
21. “Composure, Pt. 2 (Instrumental)”

Surf Or Drown is out 3/24 via Surf Club.

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