Spotify treats listeners to customized “Spotify Wrapped” lists toward the end of every year, but a company like Spotify doesn’t place an annual limitation on innovation. A few months after Spotify Pie, something called “n-gen” is providing another way to visualize a listener’s listening habits.

The n-gen website explains, “See how your listening habits have evolved over time, and how your favorite artists and genres have changed by creating new artwork from your favorite playlists and your listening habits.”

The four visual examples are a DNA-like strand connecting most-listened-to artists with compatible traits (i.e., Drake linked to energy or SZA to danceability), a “Top Ten” chart to “show off the shape of your top songs and genres,” a flower in bloom created from playlist data, and a pattern derived from chords found in most-listened-to songs.

The steps toward your special “n-gen” art are fairly simple and play directly into most everybody’s appetite for instant gratification.

Once on the website, you’re presented with the option to “Create With Spotify.” Clicking that prompts to connect your Spotify account to n-gen, which allows n-gen-art to access specific Spotify account data as well as Spotify activity. (Access can be revoked at any time within your Spotify account.) Should you grant that access, you’re redirected back to n-gen’s website and can apply your data to the aforementioned four visual templates.

Check it out here.