After returning from a summer break, radio personality Howard Stern expressed his regret over never having the opportunity to spend time with the late musician Jimmy Buffett. Despite living near each other, Stern never received an invitation from Buffett, which he believes could be due to his past negative comments about Buffett’s music.

“I think I didn’t meet him because probably I said like, sh*tty stuff about his music on the radio,” Stern admitted during his show, as reported by Mediaite. “I guess he [maybe] took offense to that. I wasn’t a big parrot head. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t mean this in any disparaging way. He seems like a real nice guy. And anyone who can make a hit song I admire, but I wasn’t really into ‘Margaritaville.’ I guess, I don’t like it. You know, it doesn’t move me in the way that music normally does. It’s a catchy tune, though.”

Stern confessed that he had hoped for an invitation from Buffett, but it never came. “I always thought I was going to run into that guy because he lives out by me,” Stern said. “He knew a lot of the same people that I was hanging out with. And I was always waiting for an invite to Jimmy Buffett’s house because he invited a whole bunch of famous dudes and stuff that I knew.”

Despite his disappointment over not getting to know Buffett personally, Stern continued to share his thoughts openly. He pointed out the irony of Buffett’s love for the outdoors and his cause of death, saying, “The guy loved the outdoor life. He loved being outdoors. And guess what killed him? Skin cancer. That’s f*cked up. He had a rare skin cancer.”