Fresh Pair season two continues with another fire episode featuring a legendary hip-hop guest that not only helped define the genre but solidified himself as a cultural icon, transcending from rapper to household name status and earning a place on many people’s Mount Rushmore of West Coast hip-hop (also a spot he declared for himself by starting Mt. Westmore).

In the latest episode of Fresh Pair, sneaker-customizer-to-the-stars Katty Customs and hip-hop architect Just Blaze are joined by Ice Cube, who is gifted a custom pair of inspired Air Force 1s, chock-full of details that celebrate Cube’s long and storied career.

If you know anything about Ice Cube — we’re going to assume you do — you’re well aware that his rap moniker isn’t just a random grouping of words. Cube is supremely cool, but even a pair of sunglasses and his famously chill demeanor wasn’t enough to mask his excitement over what Katty and Just cooked up for him. After the big sneaker reveal, Cube looked at his custom AF-1s like a kid in a candy store, eyes wide with wonder.

Have you ever heard Ice Cube say “wow” and mean it? That alone makes this episode a must-watch.

The fresh pair led Cube to share stories about how he first linked up with Hank Shocklee in the wake of NWA’s breakup, the making of his legendary album Death Certificate, and explain how “It Was a Good Day” was essentially the song version of his movie Friday. But that’s not all, Cube also talked a bit about the beef between The Big 3 and the NBA, and revealed his top five favorite storytelling rap tracks. It’s a deep interview with a dope pair of shoes and one of the most entertaining personalities in all of hip-hop — you already know what to do!