Ice Spice is one of the most strategic acts in the game right now — both on and off the mic. As she is adjusting to stardom, she’s come up with special ways to maintain her sanity while on the go.

In an interview with British Vogue, she revealed the things she likes to keep in her pink Chanel bag — including some handy garments.

“I always keep a pantie on me,” Ice said. “The baddies that get it, get it. All my panties are pink. I always keep a pantie because like, you just be having to change your panties.”

There was no shortage of pink accessories in her purse, in addition to the underwear. Ice likes to keep pink lip gloss, which she said she’s been wearing since she was in high school. She also carries a pink wallet, as she admits she has a spending habit.

But there’s one thing for sure that Ice can’t leave home without.

“The most essential thing a musician should have in their bag — earphones,” said Ice. “That way, you can, like, listen to beats [and] jot down some lyrics.”

She specifically noted that she prefers wired headphones, as Bluetooth headphones often have a lag with the sound.

You can watch the full interview above.