Ice Spice and Taylor Swift were an unexpected crossover, but when it happened it made sense. The pair teamed up for the new version of “Karma” from Swift’s Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition).

In a new interview with The Guardian, Ice Spice elaborated on her friendship with Swift. “I was like: ‘You f*ck with my project? Like, what?’” she said. “She’s so sweet — I was so obsessed with how humble she was and willing to work. She gives me so much advice — we talk all the time and she’s so funny… But I can’t say what she be telling me.”

Swift also discussed their friendship back in May. “Collaborating with Ice Spice on ‘Karma’ was one of the most natural things,” she said. “She reached out through her team just kind of saying, ‘Hey, you know, Ice has been a big fan of Taylor since she was a little kid. We’d love to collaborate if that was ever something that came about.’ And I had been listening to her nonstop like getting ready for my tour I was just listening to Ice Spice constantly.

She continued, “So I immediately got her number and said, ‘Hey, would you want to do your version of ‘Karma’? Do you relate to this? And so she jumped in headfirst and getting to know her has been so special because I’m blown away by her. She is — in my opinion — she is the one to watch. Just watching her work ethic and how thoughtfully she approaches her career — she’s like my new favorite artist and I’m so honored that she’s on the song. So, yeah, what a joy!”