Ice Spice Receives Backlash for Rolling Loud New York Performance

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Ice Spice Ice Spice is probably one of the most popular rappers of the moment however her less-than-superb appearance on Rolling Loud New York has received mixed reviews from fans.

This Friday (Sept. 23), Ice Spice performed a surprise appearance at Fivio Foreign‘s set at Rolling Loud New York at Citi Field in Queens, New York. The 22-year-old rapper sang her hit song virally known as “Munch (Feelin’ U),” to the delight of the crowd. However, some users who were on the internet unhappy with Ice Spice’s poor performance.

Reality TV star Masika Kalysha made a post within the Shade Room post where she wanted to see someone help her to teach Ice Spice “stage presence.”

“I’m not a hater I want everyone to win I reall do… sooooooo can someone please get ice spice some stage presence[,] coaching & breath control training [weary face emoji] please.”

However, some have been able to defend Ice Spice and have criticized Masika for slamming a young artist.

The artist Maliibu Miitch commented in her comments in the comments that Ice Spice is a new artist and hasn’t had enough time to build her stage presence, but she suggested giving her time.

“It’s actually not funny or kool [unamused face emojis],” she wrote. “Ice is a upcoming artist[,] give her time to grow u think her or team knew she was going to blow up like this? Let her enjoy everything she has coming to her… she’ll get there soon!”

Siya agrees with Miitch and encourages everyone to not be critical and to watch Ice become an artist.

“Shorty a new artist,” she wrote. “With time she will fall into it. In the meantime[,] let her just enjoy her moment. I dig her shit.”

Watch Fivio Foreign’s Rolling Loud New York Set Below

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